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Who we are

Qantara Sports' team shares common passion for sport

Qantara Sports is formed by a multicultural team of professionals with diverse sport industry backgrounds and deep understanding of the sports ecosystem.
Our approach

How can we help

We help our clients achieve tangible, high-impact results, Qantara Sports takes pride of working alongside clients with a “get things done” attitude.

Deep, in-market expertise

Sport Organizations had never before a greater need for a partner well-versed in the sports industry who delivers actionable strategies. This means knowing technologies, business models of the sport’s ecosystems — a fundamental requirement of doing business in the local and global sports industry. Qantara Sports’s partners bring years of experience in the key areas of the Sports Industry.

Turning insights into action

Qantara sports assists local and international sports organizations to develop feasible strategy implementation plans. We support a variety of clients, from brands looking to enter new markets to mature sport organizations in need to improve their operations. We work alongside our clients to translate strategies into action that leads to desired objectives.

Acting on evidence, not opinion

Qantara Sports applies market research methodologies to provide insights across a range of client’s challenges. Our solutions are based on rigorous analysis, in-depth research, local culture knowledge and understanding, and insides in the sport industry.

Building strategic partnerships

We take a hands-on, collaborative approach to all our engagements and focus on developing solutions alongside our clients. Qantara Sports leads to strategic client partnerships that are focused on long-term success.