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Qantara Sports supports capacity building programs by providing distance learning resources

As the Covid-19 pandemic leads to the disruption of many sectors including training and education, the best option available for students to continue learning is to take online courses. Qantara Sports has developed a full eLearning platform for sports development and sports education and is ready to provide sport entities a solution to deliver the training programs previously scheduled. With online training, sport entities ensure that all the students will get the knowledge and acquire the skills needed so they can be ready when activities will resume.

Qantara Sports ensures the continuity of the projects’ implementation by providing online training to the same quality as in classroom. The online learning platform helps sport entities to reach a wide number of students even in more remote locations. Adding multiple tests and conducting exams in a systematic way,  online training can validate and ensure the proper acquisition of the knowledge.

The challenges of online learning

Online learning also has challenges in connectivity for some students without reliable Internet access and/or technology struggle to participate in digital learning.

To fully benefit of online learning, proper methodology adaptation is needed to go beyond replicating a physical class session as video lecture and to make online learning as an engaging and active learning experience. A range of collaboration tools and engagement methods that promote inclusion, personalization, and student participation should be incorporated to ensure the proper capability building.

The advantages of online learning

Increased student reach is one of the advantages as well the cost reduction to delivering training in more remote areas. Finally, online learning is more efficient than the traditional cascade model as it ensured consistency in content delivery and direct instructor to student communication. In addition, technology allows to customize the training programs in different languages. Qantara’s platform operates in different languages : Spanish, Portuguese, English and Arabic.

Ismael Serrano, Qantara’s IT manager

Ismael Serrano, Qantara’s IT manager based in Spain, leads the design and management of a customized LMS platform, specific for sport organizations. He advises a wide range of sports federations on digital transformation and learning solutions with a focus on online coaching systems. Ismael’s areas of expertise are sports education and sports development. Prior joining Qantara Ismael was leading an IT company specialized in LMS Moodle and digital solutions for sports federations.

Ismael combines his IT role at Qantara with his role as basketball head coach of a team playing national league. Ismael has been coaching and delivering coach education programs for the last 18 years. He administers the LMS systems and lectures online and onsite courses for different basketball entities in Spain.  He is also involved in International projects on the online learning area.

Ismael holds a bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering in Computer Management, bachelor’s degree in history, master’s in digital Content Management and a Master in Documentation. Ismael is married and has 2 kids. He has been a professional basketball player at the Spanish Federation at national level and currently is president of a Basketball club and is a Level 3 national basketball coach.

About Qantara Sports

With more than 20 years of global experience, 15 in Europe and more than 7 years’ experience delivering and implementing successful nationwide projects in the Middle East. Qantara Sports is a global sports consulting firm, that uses deep industry  expertise and rigorous analysis, to help private and public sport organizations achieve practical results with real impact in  the areas of:  Sports Education, Sports Governance, Sports Policy, Sports Business, Sports Development, Sports Tourism, Sport Diplomacy  and Inclusivity.


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