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We have assembled a consortium of experts who are able to offer a unique holistic solution to your projects

How we can support

Pre-development Planning & Feasibility

Qantara Sports offers a unique methodology during the Pre-development, Planning, and Feasibility phase. Our International team brings more than 25 years of experience leading projects from Olympic arenas, stadiums, and sports complexes to local sports facilities. We are also able to cover a wide range of venues, from aquatics to multipurpose venues no matter their size.

  • Benchmark and market opportunity report
  • Feasibility study
  • Financial Model & Business Model
  • ROI & Socio-economic impact
  • Planning review
  • Strategy review & operations review
  • Health and safety reviews and audits
  • Digital transformation

HR & Workforce Development

Qantara Sports’ workforce development services aim to create a capable workforce that supports our client’s projects while empowering local talent. Our comprehensive services, from recruitment to training and education, ensure sustainable operations while delivering at international service standards.

We focus on an individual’s ability to grow their skills and help them develop the tools they need for a successful career in sports. In other words, we train individuals to be productive and prosperous long-term in the workplace, which benefits both the employer and the employee.

We provide tailored education and training products that are 100% customized to the client’s needs in a fully immersive learning experience that will boost and empower their organization in developing a range of assets in continuing education.

We offer fully online, blended, and face-to-face learning options depending on the client’s needs and external circumstances.

  • Performance Appraisal
  • Performance Management
  • Career Development
  • Career Planning
  • Development
  • Organization Development
  • Planning

“Qualified professionals are a key element to success in the sport and recreation industry.”

Sports Programming

Qantara Sports enjoys a network of partnerships with international institutions that provide accredited programs, following best practices in sports development, guaranteeing not only program quality but also proven methodologies that ensure program implementation can be replicated with participants’ satisfaction.

In addition, our experts and collaborators are qualified in several sports disciplines, allowing us to develop multi-sport programs and serve a diverse range of sports organizations.

We support federations, clubs, and educational institutions to ensure sports facility optimization, maximizing financial and social return on investment. We deploy a wide range of unique programs to empower local talent.

Qantara Sports provides exhaustive control, monitoring, and evaluation during the implementation of the programs to ensure targets are met.

We manage and develop recreational sports programs for your facility at every step and every stage with an impact.

  • Grassroots Programs
  • Sports Academy or Sport
  • Competitions, Leagues & Tournaments
  • Coach Training
  • Para sports Active- Aging
  • Inclusivity
  • Scouting
  • Sports festivals

Development & Operations

We can support clients and owners across all stages of the development process. We assist owners in making better procurement decisions, maximize the efficiency of assets, and reduce needless spending costs by providing turnkey solutions from concept through to design, construction, and operations.

From the idea to design, project definition, project objectives, consortium building, and justification to the full implementation, our operational model and methodology adopts a 360 approach.

Our project management methodology ensures full compliance with international standards, turning well-planned sports facility projects into reality.

  • Operational Timeliness
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Management, Operational Decision Making and Budgeting
  • Recreation center management: Setting of policies and procedures
  • Application of management and operations principles for sport facilities
  • Customer experience: from event planning to activation
  • Management effectiveness of operations
  • Existing sports facility optimization

How we work

We believe in the power of sport in the community. We focus on offering human-led and tech-powered solutions that deliver meaningful experiences and real-world results. Using our deep industry expertise of 25+ years, we provide solutions that empower local talent and ensure project sustainability.

We work with partnerships designed to help our clients achieve tangible, high-impact results with a very efficient operational structure. Our partners take pride in working alongside clients with a “get things done” attitude and ensuring client objectives are met, delivering a sustainable project.

“We serve clients seeking to build and operate a sports facility with the industry’s most efficient operations and meeting financial forecasts.”