Child Safeguarding in Sports

Designing the national roadmap for the establishment of a national Sports Policy regarding safeguarding children in Portugal

A project developed by the Council of Europe, financed by the European Commission.

Qantara Sports; Bruno Avelar Rosa PhD, Partner and Miguel Nery PhD, Senior consultant at Qantara Sports.

Aim and Purpose

Child Safeguarding in Sports” (CSiS) is a project developed by the Council of Europe and co-funded by the European Commission, with 19 months’ length. Its main goals are to enhance the capacity of the EU-countries involved to prevent different types of violence and abuse against children in sports and, consequently, to foster healthier sport environments.

To do so, CSiS aims to guide and accompany 6 European Countries in the development of National effective policies on Safeguarding in Sports, and to set up of the position of Child Safeguarding Officers (CSO).

The CSO´s are specialized key players in the development and implementation of effective child safeguarding policies and strategies, whose mission is to develop and support the national safeguarding policies being developed within each EU-country participating in the project. 

The CSiS project also considers recruitment, training and networking Child Safeguarding Officer roles.

The project is being coordinated by The Enlarged Partial Agreement in Sport (EPAS) of the Council of Europe with the support of the consultancy firm Safe Sport International . 

From the administrative and technical point of view, they are both responsible to ensure that each partner country develops its designated tasks. The coordination team also organized international round tables between the participants, and a series of Webinars to share international best practices.


The pilot projects to set up positions of CSO´s in sports was launched with 5 squad- builder countries. The partners of the project are Austria, Belgium, Israel, Norway and PortugalThe latest updating resulted in the recent inclusion of Croatia.

Each country is represented by the National government officer responsible for sport policies, who work with a national Core Group, composed by main stakeholders, and a Steering Committee with other sport and safeguarding stakeholders. Every country has the support of national consulting experts.

The National consulting is responsible, in coordination with the national governmental officer, to

  •  Organize round tables with the Core Group (selected organizations to represent Safeguarding in Sports National Policies)
  • Collect and analyse data from these meetings. Complementary data is also provided by the Steering Committee (a larger group of National partner organizations)
  • Design the national road map for the establishment of a national policy regarding safeguarding children in sports that include the creation of a network of Child Safeguarding Officers.

Despite some common procedures, each pilot project will run in various ways (e.g.: under the aegis of the authorities in charge of sport, within sport organisations, in collaboration with the child protection authorities, at regional level), depending on its own specific context. 

Qantara Sports in Portugal is the expert consulting firm responsible for giving support to the Portuguese government in their role (Portuguese Institute for Sport and Youth), together with the Council of Europe and the Safe Sport International.

The work is being developed through our Partner Bruno Avelar Rosa PhD, and our Senior Consultant Miguel Nery PhD, whose expertise on safeguarding in sports, scientific research, and development and evaluation of sport policies contributes to ensure the successful implementation of CSiS in Portugal.

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