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Qantara Sports welcomes Marc Darnes as sport consultant

Dubai/Riyad September 3rd, 2020 Qantara Sports is delighted to announce the new hire of Marc Darnes as sports consultant to support our clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Marc will be based in the G.C.C, supporting clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and U.A.E.  Marc’s areas of expertise are Sport Policy, Sport Business and Sport Tourism.

Prior to joining Qantara, Marc Darnes was involved in several multinational projects while working at Deloitte, before, he gained experience in  sports strategy, and sports policy working for a regional sports governmental organization, developing programs alongside federations, clubs and other sport organizations.

“We are pleased to have Marc in our team, we are sure that with his professional background and his attitude will add value to our team as part of Qantara’s growth strategy” stated General Manager.

Marc holds a bachelor’s degree in Sports Science from Ramon Lull University in Spain and a master’s degree in Global Entrepreneurial Management from the University of San Francisco in The United States. Marc has been playing basketball for more than 15 years and he also holds basketball coach license. He is passionate about sailing and he is a motor skipper.

About Qantara

Qantara Sports is a global sports consulting firm with significant expertise in the areas of Sports Education, Sports Governance, Sports Policy, Sports Business, Sports Development, Sports Tourism, Sport Diplomacy and Inclusivity.

With more than 20 years of global experience, in addition to 15 years in Europe and 7 years in the GCC, we use deep industry expertise and rigorous analysis to deliver and implement successful nationwide projects and help private and public sports organizations achieve practical results with real impact.