Human Resources Expert

Montse Marti, is Human Resources expert responsible for creating an HR strategy that will support Qantara Sports’ long-term goals and its international growth while creating value and making a positive impact at Qantara Sports.

She brings to Qantara Sports has over fifteen years of experience in project
leadership and management for leading global Energy, Retail, Distribution & Banking organizations.

She’s skilled at leading HR projects in agile and waterfall environments within a variety of organization sizes, from startups to large organizations. A result-driven project planning expert with a track record of streamlining processes, implementing best practice and creating improvement strategies within complex HR business frameworks.

Montse holds a master’s degree in Human Resources Management from Robert Gordon University, where she researched the alignment of the HRM with the organization strategy.
Montse is from Spain and has lived previously 7 years between Riyadh and Dubai.

She is married with three kids. With an athletic background in track and field, she specialized in 100m hurdles and triple jump, currently she enjoys trail running in the Pyrenees.


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