Senior Sports Consultant

Xavier Sendra is a Senior Sports Consultant at Qantara Sports. He is based in the Dubai, U.A.E He has worked more than 20 years with various organizations such as Ministry of Sports, Sports Travel Organizations, Olympic and non-olympic national and international federations and host cities of worldwide events. Xavier’s areas of expertise are Sports Governance, Sports Education and Sport Tourism

He led 2 federations in France and was designated as Team Leader at the 2014 Sochi Olympics for 8 winter sports. He organized worldwide events such the Figure Skating World Championships and the European Masters Games. As an advisor for the French government, he was involved in the definition of the governing bodies’ strategies and Olympic project.

Xavier holds a Master Degree in Sports Organizations Management, a Master Degree in Marketing and Communication and a Bachelor in Sports Law from Paris Sorbonne University. He is also one of the few graduated Expert Master Trainers in the scuba diving industry.
Skier since and scuba diver with more than 4000 dives, he is still attending many duathlon and triathlon races. He’s married with 2 kids.