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Our leadership team is a highly skilled and experienced group of professionals sharing a common passion to support entities in achieving their goals in a sustainable way in a volatile, cross cultural international environment.

With over 25 years in delivering successful international projects, our team expertise in planning, developing, and managing worldwide sports, recreation, and entertainment venues speaks for itself.

Our Leadership

Our team comes from a wide variety of industries and locations, including leadership positions in big international brands such as the NBA or IOC to experienced facility operators and athletes with a strong commitment to empowering local talent.

Thanks to our international experts, we have the ability to work across different backgrounds, cultures, and environments and are thoughtful of the local culture. Our leadership team composition is an added value.

Our unique combination of experience and expertise can guide you to achieve unprecedented results in all phases of facility development and operations.

Our understanding of stakeholder relationships, cultural differences, client needs, and project objectives leads us to deliver on budget and on time with exceeding quality, rigor, and ethics.

We are a Highly Specialized Firm

Delivering Excellence


Unique Solutions

We offer unique solutions to unique problems that are not clearly defined or understood.

Own PR-Branding

We do not self promote but position our team as experts: Proactive with insights

Client Oriented

We work alongside clients to deliver on their objectives and unwritten aspirations


Our network is important for identifying potential client and delivery partners

Talented Individuals from the industry

Consultants & Partners are well known with a strong reputation in the sports industry

Projects Selection

We select projects based on the client’s impact and the value they add to the firm. We deliver a few projects at a time to ensure excellence.

Strategic Alignment

We work in partnership with international organizations and entities to deliver valuable alliances for our clients


Reputation is a key asset. Each project represents an opportunity to increase our reputation for delivering excellence